Dalmatian’s Inati stands on stage after 2,798 days & endures brain aneurysm, a touching story

22 Feb

Dalmatian's Inati stands on stage after 2,798 days & endures brain aneurysm, a touching story

Dalmatian’s Inati way to the stage took 2,798 days where he fought for his life and dreams.

Inati is the idol who took the longest time to debut, beating 2AM’s Jo Kwon and hos 2,567 of trainee.

Dalmatian’s leader actually promoted with ‘People Crew’ in 2000 and started his official training in 2003. However he had to wait during 9 years to stand on a stage.

In April 2004 Inati was taken to the hospital due to a severe headache. There he was diagnosed with a rare case of brain aneurysm and fell into a coma. The doctors said that in his condition it was going to be difficult for him to even wake up. However, he fought with all his strength and was able to leave the hospital in 2005.

While smiling he revealed that is was unbelievable that he woke up. He said that his best support is music. He is now able to stand with the other 5 members of Dalmatian on the stage. They debuted last year with ‘Round 1’ and now are back with a new mini album.

A representative commented that the fact that he can stand on the stage is a miracle. He keeps getting check-ups to know his current condition, since his recovery took so long. After being taken away from the stage, his passion to stand on it is even greater.

Inati is definitely one of the strongest idol, a great inspiration and a real hero.



This is so touching^^



One Response to “Dalmatian’s Inati stands on stage after 2,798 days & endures brain aneurysm, a touching story”

  1. Hee Young February 23, 2011 at 12:04 PM #

    Wow~Poor guy 😦
    I feel sorry for him…..but also, I’m in complete awe!
    THIS is what idols are for….to inspire their fans and show immense strength!
    Inati hwaiting!~
    Dalmation fighting!~~

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