[From Admins] We’re Back!

7 Sep

Edited 08042012

Hi guys! Have you noticed that we were on hiatus for quite a long time now? well thanks to many prims on twitter that makes the founder thought that reviving the site would be a good idea! especially after some lovely comments asking where are we 🙂


To tell you the truth though, We’ve lost contacts with some admins and so we’re in search for a new one. So this gonna take some time until the blog is really established fully like before. One thing we can’t promise you : updating about both SHINee and FT Island. It’s hard to find dedicated bloggers that really will update. And so there’ll be a lack of update. If there is an update though, it might not be equal between SHINee and FTI. We’ll, of course, try our best in finding the best shawols and blogger prims 🙂


Thanks for staying with us even though we’ve gone for awhile. So we’re back for you guys!


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