[Twitter] 111212 Hongki

4 Jan

skullhong 갑자기 쌈디형이 보고싶다 안본지 꽤 됐네…
Translation: All of a sudden, I miss Ssamdi-hyung. It’s been quite some time since we’ve met…
skullhong 퍼팩트게임….시사회갔다왔습니다 대박입니다….
Translation: Perfect Game…. Came back from the premiere. It’s awesome….
skullhong 우리아가들 돈모아서 우리 앨범사주고 콘서트와주고…힘들지…그냥 내가 느낀건 그만큼 자랑스러워질수있는아티스트가 되는게 아닌가싶어..미안하고 고마워
Translation: Our dearies saved money, bought our albums and came for our concerts… must have been tough… I’m just thinking that, as much as (what all of you have done for us), shouldn’t I become an artiste that you are proud of.. I’m sorry and thank you
skullhong 나 독일친구있는데…RT @saeleun: @skullhong 나도 널 보고싶어… 진짜. 독일에 와 홍기야, 그냥 독일에 와… ㅠㅠ ღ
Translation: I have a friend in Germany… RT @saeleun: skullhong I miss you too… really. Come to Germany, Hongki ah, just come to Germany… ㅠㅠ ღ
skullhong 우리아가들 보고싶어….진짜
Translation: I miss our dearies…. really
Credit: skullhong (1), skullhong (2), skullhong (3), skullhong (4), skullhong (5) + ying1005@withtreasures (translation)


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