[Twitter] 111214 Seunghyun

4 Jan

chungxuan 팁하나더알려드릴까요 ~ 저때 중학교 졸업앨범 사진인데 가발이에요..
Translation: Shall I give another tip ~ That was a photo from my middle school graduation album. It’s a wig..
chungxuan 할아버지 그만 주무세요
Translation: Grandpa, stop sleeping.

chungxuan 오늘하루도 하고자하는일들 다 이루시고 또 다른 내일을 향하여 화이팅~!!
Translation: Complete the tasks which we’re supposed to do today and work towards another tomorrow, fighting~!!
Credit: chungxuan (1), chungxuan (2), chungxuan (3) + ying1005@withtreasures (translation)


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