[Twitter] 111222 Hongki

4 Jan

skullhong 내일…요코하마아레나 2틀공연…잘끝내자 화이팅 あしただね….あたたかい christmasに なるぞ fighting
Translation: Tomorrow… 2 days concert at Yokohama Arena… Let’s end it well, fighting. It’s tomorrow…. Let’s have a warm christmas, fighting
skullhong RT @NicoleNogales: @skullhong 우리는 프리마도나들 라틴 아메리카입니다 ~^♥~ #FansFTILatinoamerica #FTILatinoamerica RT
Translation: RT @NicoleNogales: @skullhong We are Latin American Primadonnas~^♥~ #FansFTILatinoamerica #FTILatinoamerica RT
skullhong 감사합니다 열심히하겠습니다RT @guitarshin: 사람들이 아이돌 이라고 부르는 친구들입니다. 그럼 이 녀석들 보다 멋진 아이돌을 본 적이 있습니까? FTIsland – Itsuka (live in Budokan)
Translation: Thank you. We’ll work hard. RT @guitarshin: They are those whom people called idols. Have you seen idols who are greater than them? FTIsland – Itsuka (live in Budokan)
skullhong 23.24.25일 화이팅!!!!
Translation: 23rd, 24th, 25th Fighting!!!!!
skullhong 누구누구???우리우리??RT @michi0904: 한류열풍 타고서도 아니고, 거대기획사와 자본으로 밀어붙인 것도 아니고…
인디즈부터 차근차근 스스로의 힘으로 한계단 한계단 올라선 아이들입니다…
부디 자랑스러운 마음으로, 소중하게 대해주세요…
Translation: Who who??? Us?? RT @michi0904: They’re not riding on the hallyu wave, their company is not big, nor were they being promoted extensively… They’re a bunch of kids who started out by doing Indie music and then using their own ability to climb up step-by-step to what they’ve achieved… Please cherish them with pride…
Credit: skullhong (1), skullhong (2), skullhong (3), skullhong (4), skullhong (5) + ying1005@withtreasures (translation)


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